Gita for Peru (1/3). Click to view the photography on Flickr

Gita for Peru is a music project rooted in the embodied practice of karma yoga: selfless service. Everyone contributing to this project—from the musicians, to the videographers/photographers/graphic designers, to those providing spaces for our events—contributes from the heart and asks for nothing in return. I am deeply moved by the open-hearted generosity of this work, and am grateful to everyone who has offered so freely to take part. It feels amazing to show up and give in this way! If you would like to contribute to Gita for Peru in any way—whether with a donation of any amount or a gift of your services—I would love to include you. Content copied from Gita for Peru: November 2010


Angela Blueskies
Liz Robinson
Lance David Bergerson
Owen Okie
Sean McCutcheon

Mister Wilson (Photography + Video)
Jolie + Gerardo Engagement (Photography)