Behind The Band

November 13th, 2010. My friend asked me to photograph her band, Mister Wilson, at Fraziers on the Avenue in Hampden. Wow—what a show! They brought down the house, the crowds popped it back up, and they brought it down again. You can feel and see the energy between the crowd and the band. It was a feedback loop of love for music. I had an amazing night and had fun capturing the excitement. I can not wait to see them again.

Check out the links below to see the full photo gallery along with movie clips from this night.


The Band

Paul Burt: Vocals
Ben Greenwald: Guitar
Randee Greenwald: Drums
Bob Pollokoff: Keyboard/Vocals
Rick Rubin: Guitar/Harmonica
Jodi Swartz: Vocals
Michael Teitelbaum: Bass

The Guests

Betsy Berner: Vocals
Cris Jacobs: Guitar
Kenny Liner: Percussion
Dave Markowitz: Bass
Patrick Rainey: Sax


New York, United States
Gita for Peru