Play with IR Filter

Aug 22, 2011 | A Day In The Life

The video above is for our ol’ co-worker J.Swartz, it was her last day at the Firehouse. It was awesome working with you, joking around with you, and learning from you. May the wind gently guide your sail wherever you go. Aloha until we meet again.

Last week I just got the B+W 82 mm 099 Infrared Glass Filter for my 7D. I was inspired by my friend Dai as he mentioned about IR photography. As we were talking I recalled a few IR film photography I saw in high school.

Back then I was really drawn into it but faded due to being a high schooler. This time I wanted to explore this option.

Thus far the looks has been interesting and yet eery, but the experience has been playful. My co-workers call this the “Zombie Filter”. I tweaked my setting on 7D (custom white balance and picture style setting), to make it more dramatic. Overall I didn’t get the IR effect (foliage being white)* I was looking for, but the joy of re-approaching the same subject with a different view has been more than fun. I look forward to doing more shots with this.

* I am thinking of getting the BW IR filter that will require a tripod for most shots. Perhaps this might get the result I was thinking of.

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