Virginia, United States

Aug 14, 2011 | Travel

Bi-annualy the founders of NCSDO (Armand and Bernice) invites everyone from the company, including their families and significant others, to their home in Schuyler Virgina. Itโ€™s a weekend event filled with guns, camping, kayaking, amazing food, touring the chicken den, and many more. To sum it up it was kick-ass.

We used Winchester model 5422, Ruger 22 Rifle, Ruger 22 automatic, and the Taurus โ€œThe Judgeโ€ .410/.45. All shots were done with respect followed by safety. No animals were harmed.

2,954 Photos Taken
368 Miles traveled
5 Co-workers
4 Guns
3 Bowls of icecream
2 Days
1 Awesome weekend
0 Shower taken

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