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About Donavon

Donavon Israel is a certified personal trainer in Baltimore. Proficient in boxing, taekwondo, and the martial arts, he is the owner of BODYbyDONAVON (www.bodybydonavon), which promotes an active, healthy Baltimore lifestyle. He trains individual clients as well as conducts group fitness classes such as Mount Vernon Fitness and Federal Hill Fitness.


Donavon commissioned JihoNation to create a new set of images for an upcoming marketing campaign, which was to include a print brochure, billboards, and a website. Working in collaboration with Debbie, the designer for BODYbyDONAVON, we came up with the basic theme and general tone, and drafted a shoot list to utilize our limited time for the session.


BODYbyDONAVON by JihoNation Working with Donavon and Debbie was a blast. We were spraying water on him—at times a bit too much—to give the “sweat” effect and playing with various lighting setups. We chose a parking garage as the set for the shoot. We used his car as a sound system, and were accompanied by some fine-looking people—it felt like being in a NASCAR commercial. In the end, we got very bold, forceful but not aggressive, agile photos. Here are some of the photos from our session.

I enjoyed working with Donavon on the set and at the gym—he is a great trainer—and I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Behind the Scene

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