Afternoon with Rolled Paper

Oct 3, 2011 | A Day In The Life

Very simple story. One afternoon Chungwon and I met up with my sister, her hubby, and my nephew Vincent for lunch. The day before we ran out of toilet paper (from now it will be referred as “Rolled Paper”) so we bought a whole pack of it. After lunch Vincent was so eager to carry the Rolled Paper by himself. I took it out of the bag and let him have it–thus started the journey. All the other adults were embarrassed by the idea, but it just seemed like a fun fresh idea to publicly carry a Rolled Paper around the city.

We walked around all over Harbor East and Federal Hill with Rolled Paper, taking pictures at various points. Of course people stared at us, some whispered of “is that toilet paper?”, some stared longer than others, but it was just too much fun. Later we all got into the action and thought nothing of it.

Kids find pure happiness:) in simple things. We adults tends to complex and twist the idea of happiness where it becomes too rigid an unobtainable. We need to learn from our kids that sometimes all we need is a simple afternoon with Rolled Paper.

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