RISD friends: Kindred Spirits

Aug 10, 2012 | A Day In The Life

Last week I had a photo project that spans from Baltimore, Philly, New York, to Boston. Not only did I get to go on an assignment but had a silky opportunity to visit some of the people who matter the most to me. Some I haven’t seen in six years and others as much as ten. We shared plethora of ups, downs, sideways, highs and lows–almost like the Wonkavator–while attending RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). From the crazy trips, raging parties, working on a project up all night, or just going for a mid-night drive spacing out to Pixies, Al Green, and Notorious B.I.G. It is rare to encounter souls whom one can share such a deep melding of common frequency.

A moment that shaped my life forever

At my senior year in RISD (1999) I had to drop out of mid-stream because my family went completely broke.

I had stop school to support my family. That time I had zero money to make the trip from Providence to Baltimore in dead of winter. What they did next kindled one my coldest moment. They all gathered what cash was in their pocket to support my gas bill and food for the road. Even now as I write this I cannot help being overwhelmed by emotion and sincere gratitude. It is then I realized true help is about giving before being asked.

Herzlichen Dank (heart-felt thank)

Jim, Tani, Eric, and Michelle for just being yourself. I hope our connection ribbons throughout this lifetime and next.

There are many more wonderful souls I have the privilege to call my friends from RISD. I hope to see them soon and post their pictures here.

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