It was a gorgeous Saturday morning–green tea warm day with a yoga stretch breeze. My assistant and I drove to Chestertown Maryland, to do an ambitious full day photo shoot with the Swanson family–Bobbledy Books and Idiots’ Books. It was ambitious as in covering various places, all the family members changing cloth for each setting, diverse shots from portraits, to couple, to full family. Lets just say eating never felt so good.

I had an amazing time capturing their family. They were incredibly energizing, enthusiastic, and full of LOL. The kids ran around as if they were laughing electrons while Matthew and Robbi guide them with ease like neutron and proton. Silliness is engraved in them, which I believe makes them all so unique and quite frankly healthy. I am thankful I had an opportunity to capture their family.

Additional note: I got into photography and travled to many places in the past two years thanks to their invitation to Alaska in 2010. An experience that set whole new direction and priorities in my life–first things I did when I came back was giving up my iPhone.





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A Day in the Life of Bobbledy Books (Video)
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