About Hidden Canyon Kayak

A licensed National Park Service Concessioner, Hidden Canyon Kayak is a small adventure travel company that has run successful kayaking trips on Lake Powell for more than 13 years in Page, Arizona.


Hidden Canyon Kayak wanted a 180 degree rework on their website. Some of their issues was website content being too long thus losing the attention of their users, website not mobile friendly for travelers, and overall look and feel seemed out-dated. In addition they wanted to embrace social media for brand awareness and increase on ROI, but was not sure how fully integrate it.


Content: First thing we did was to reworked all theirs contents of the website from the ground-up with a simpler site map as our guide. With improving their SEO in mind we used keywords and phrases on all pages to increase search results. Additionally we kept the content straight to the point, minimal and informative.

Look and Feel: Our goal was to boldly emphasis photography in their website and social media. Photography I believe is like body language–it transmits significant amount messages and data with a blink of an eye. With photography we wanted to convey to their users the unforgettable experience they can have at Lake Powell, if they went with Hidden Canyon Kayak. To have a continuous stream of fresh images, JihoNation suggested the company to invest in a water proof camera and start photographing each of their client’s trips and then posting it social media and website–one of the key success to their social media presence.

Roles and Technical Notes

  • Spearheaded the overall visual concept and social media marketing strategies using Facebook and Flickr to increase sales and promote brand awareness.
  • Instrumental in organizing all pre-existing image assets and geotagging their routes and destinations using Google map integrated with Flickr and Youtube.
  • Trained their staff in new workflow–to keep their social media and website up to date–by using Flickr, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Modified and coded a pre-existing WordPress theme to fit their needs.
  • Helped create messaging strategy for post-customers to maintain good relationship.



  • From 90 Facebook Likes to 330+ in one year.
  • Resulting increase in online activity and increased sales. (based on Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics)
  • “Preseason and early season bookings have more than doubled from any previous year.” (Read the full testimony)


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