Communication Rock Enér. Page, Arizona, United States

Nov 19, 2015 | Travel

When I lived in Page, Arizona there was this one spot I loved going after work. The locals called in Beer Can Hill. There I would go for long walks in solitude, ponder about many things, wrap myself in its silence, and keep on walking–sometimes at hours at end. Also, when I had to make a call that spot had the best cell reception. I called this rock my communication rock, allowed me to connect to the external world as well as my internal. I sincerely miss taking my evening stroll there.

Dan and I had plethora of wonderful conversations by the rock while he stayed in Page. In addition we soaked in the beautiful scenery together, shared many insightful thoughts, and breathed in the silence. Before he left–continuing his journey West–we took some homie group shots together.

The last two are shots are taken few days before I left Page. I wanted to remember my communication rock, my solitude, and inner thoughts.

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