Mahalo Ele (2002 – 2015)

Dec 12, 2015 | A Day In The Life

In December of 2003 I saw a photo of people at a beach enjoying a campfire and each other’s company right as the sun was setting. The shot was framed by the suicide door opening of the brand new model called Honda Element. I was immediately captured by the photo. Then I found out it had an iPod hook up and polyurethane floor and that was it! Right then I had a connection with the Element and understood the power of photography.

Mahalo (thank you) Ele for coming with me to all my silly wacky adventures. We had quite the journey in the past 13 years. Camping, snowboarding, surfing, helping our friends move, delivering food, going off roading and such. Most recently you made one my bucket list dream come true by taking me on semi-cross country road trip to Arizona and back.

When that person hydroplaned and crashed into you, I was worried about you so much. In an none physical way I felt your pain and suffering. Then when I saw you at the pound–all beaten up–it was so emotional even the big tough tow man and the people at the lot stood in silence as I said my good-byes to you–our last moment together.

Ele, you have reminded me countless time the virtue of wanting what I have and taking care of it for it shall take care of you. Also you have pointed out the importance of permanence; the reward of a relationship that endures and grows deeper with the passing of time.

Thank you so much for being there and allowing me to take care of you all these years. You have been a stellar travel companion and a good mate. I loved singing and driving with you, going for a late night drive, and sitting by you as we watched countless sunrise and sunsets.

I shall miss you deeply and remember you with great fondness. You might be metal and rubber to most, but to me you were an Elemental Spirit that guided me through much of my 30’s and beyond. Mahalo nui loa, Herzlichen Dank, μ§„μ‹¬μœΌλ‘œ λ„ˆλ¬΄λ‚˜ κ³ λ§ˆμ›Œ Ele.

12/28/2002 – 12/11/2013

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  • 2003 Honda Element EX
New Mexico, United States