Dec 8, 2015 | Family

There is something to be said about effort and its reward. Little over a month we decided to do a family photo shoot, but due to life and its sense of humor it almost did not happen. Then we finally got a exhale of a break. Saturday morning from eight to nine was the small sliver of time we both were able to agree and boom!

I enjoy photographing the O’Briens dearly. Not only are they all photogenic, but their sense of humor, quirkiness, and overall sense of joy is enduring. I am thankful to photograph them over the years, to see the progress and development of their family and their love.

One thing I got from this photo shoot was that love is a conscious decision, a dedication, and a commitment. When its not warm and fuzzy it can get rambunctious, filled with doubts and anxieties. Sometimes we just want to give up or walk away, but yet we weather it together. Those epic stories about heroes and heroins who endures trials of hardships. Imagine if they went home, because it was too hard. It would be nothing epic about it, nothing inspiring. It is their courage, strength, and resilience we admire and aspire to be.

Love is damn hard work, but the effort is worth the reward.

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