Sam’s Club

Feb 20, 2017 | Family

I had so much fun photographing the Sams. Cooper running around with a super cape, dogs wiggling their tails, while Kris and Joe keeps a calm composer. The energy in their house are always warm and welcoming. It’s always fun capturing their moment.




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  • Canon EOS 7D
  • EF 35mm f/2.8L II USM

I’ve hired professional photographers in the past to try to capture special family moments, however, I was always left feeling like the images I received never spoke to “how things really are.” Jiho’s ability to blend into his surroundings and become part of the scene led to the most candid and comfortable photo shoot I’ve ever experienced. He was able to tell the story of our everyday lives (tears and all) with beautiful, high quality images.

I cannot say enough about his ability to read his subjects and work around the environmental aspects of life that are completely out of your control. Thanks Jiho for bringing what would only be memories for the three of us into something tangible that we’ll be able to share with those close to us.
We hope you will come back and hang out at Sams Club in the future!

Kris Sams

At the Conservatory
Clint + Caitlyn's Wedding