Sort and Organize

How I organize and filter my photographs. We will be covering how to recompose using crop, flagging unwanted photo, utilizing Collection,


Zoom in and out
Key: Z
Time: 00:52
Mode: Library, Develop

Flag unwanted photo
Key: X
Time: 01:22
Mode: Library, Develop

How to remove all flagged photos from Collection
Key: Command + Delete (Mac) Windows + Delete (Win)
Time: 17:56
Mode: Library, Develop

Manually remove photo from Collection
Key: Delete
Mode: Library, Develop

Unflag photo
Key: U
Time: 04:58
Mode: Develop

Key: R
Time: 03:56
Mode: Develop

Moving photos in Collection
Time: 08:57
Mode: Library

Reorganizing photo order
Time: 09:46
Mode: Library, Develop

How to hide/show left and right panel
Key: Tab
Time: 18:27


  • Collection
  • Library
  • Develop