We were extremely happy to have Jiho photograph our charity event. His communication before the event was excellent, and his experience behind the lens was on full display that night. He flowed through the crowd seamlessly, and caught every moment perfectly. His follow up and delivery afterwards was, unsurprisingly, excellent. We would gladly work with him in the future, and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again in the future.


Paul P.

We were thrilled to have Jiho photograph our wedding in Baltimore, MD. Everyone wants a picture that can sum up all of the emotions of a wedding day while making you look good but still look like you. Jiho’s photographs of our wedding captured so many felt moments while also making everyone shine their best. There were no canned smiles or awkward poses. He has such a gift of capturing the true, candid moments. His work goes beyond good event photography and into the realm of artwork that can stand alone. Besides amazing results, Jiho was so easy to work with. We felt comfortable and at ease with him from the very beginning. He has amazing energy and is clearly passionate about his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Sarah W.

Jiho is very talented and one of the best photographer I have met. He is also extremely friendly, polite and professional. The quality of his work is beyond excellent. I loved all the moments he captured of my friends/family/spouse. With Jiho you are guaranteed to have a great experience!


Jak H.

I’ve hired professional photographers in the past to try to capture special family moments, however, I was always left feeling like the images I received never spoke to “how things really are.” Jiho’s ability to blend into his surroundings and become part of the scene led to the most candid and comfortable photo shoot I’ve ever experienced. He was able to tell the story of our everyday lives (tears and all) with beautiful, high quality images.

I cannot say enough about his ability to read his subjects and work around the environmental aspects of life that are completely out of your control. Thanks Jiho for bringing what would only be memories for the three of us into something tangible that we’ll be able to share with those close to us.
We hope you will come back and hang out at Sams Club in the future!


Kris S.


Working with Jiho was a great experience and I could not be happier with his work. I contacted Jiho in the middle of a job search to update my professional headshots. As someone who doesn’t like to pose for photos, I was a little nervous. As first we took some traditional shots indoors that I would have been happy with, but Jiho observed they didn’t adequately capture my energy or personality. He suggested we take advantage of a brief change in weather outside that provided good lighting. I was surprised to find that within minutes, he had me working the camera, and expressing myself in a way that was representative of me. When all was said and done, I felt like I had been in a shoot for GQ. In the midst of all these action shots I still got superb headshots, and of course, I also got the job.


Dan K.

Jiho is such a delight to work with. A couple of months ago, I was in need of good photograph for my professional profile on Linkedin and that’s when I got in touch with Jiho. Our session lasted for about an hour and a half and I was very impressed with the results. I am camera shy and not the most comfortable force smiling for pictures but Jiho made it all very easy. We just got talking and he made me very comfortable in front of the camera and the pictures came out looking natural. He also gave me great pointers for posture for future photographs which was great. All in all, it was a great experience.

Kavitah S.

JIho was an absolute pleasure to work with and creative genius. He knows how to make people feel comfortable around a camera and did a wonderful job of capturing the true, natural moments of my wedding. He worked well with other vendors at the wedding and understood how to get the types of shots that reflect who we are as a couple…not staged, never stocky, just raw images of our experience. Jiho is hilarious, fun and was a part of the wedding experience himself. He is an absolute delight and we are so glad to have had the opportunity to work so closely with him on one of the most memorable and intimate days of our lives. Thank you Jiho!


Kara R.

With the arrival of our second child and with many friends and close relatives scattered across the country, we felt it was time to get serious about capturing and sharing this moment in our growing family’s life. We had long resisted hiring a professional, tired of seeing the same old and skeptical of anyone’s ability to capture this exciting and fleeting time. We chose Jiho because of his extraordinary ability to be friendly enough to make you entirely comfortable with his presence while also somehow constantly recording what often turn out to be striking, well composed, high quality images.

Because we wanted authenticity, we invited Jiho to hang out with us in our home, in our neighborhood and in our city. He gently urged us to let him photograph our morning routine, pajamas and all, and beautifully captured the ordinary and mundane. These are moments we would otherwise only hold onto in our memories and, we think, will be our most cherished photos.

We hope we will have many more opportunities to work with Jiho in this lifetime.



I recently had the pleasure of working with Jiho to update my website for my acupuncture business – a project which included a photo shoot, photo editing, and website design. Jiho’s amiable nature and professionalism made it an easy and enjoyable process. I am usually a very stubborn DIYer, but my attempts at making my own website had left me a little disappointed, and reluctant to send people to my site. I finally reached out to Jiho for help, and I am so glad I did. Jiho’s keen eye, questioning insights and encouragements, and skill produced a clear, organized site with beautiful photos that I am now excited about and eager to share with the public. His knowledge and experience allowed him to complete the task in a fraction of the time I would have expected. You should see this guy work! I was quite impressed, and I’ve already referred several friends and colleagues to him.


Sam P.

Founder, Good Medicine Acupuncture

One of the main goals of the Right Source Marketing website redesign project was to properly showcase the firm’s brand and personality. Designing a user experience and interface as a means to convey the culture: smart, interesting, and fun is what I do best. To capture the essence of that culture through the people who make it a reality I knew there was only one photographer to bring on: Jiho.

When I brought Jiho on to be the project’s photographer I knew his knack for capturing the person through his lens would give us the imagery that we wanted and needed to make the project a huge success. He did not disappoint. We meet early in the photoshoot process, I gave him the goals of the project and my vision and needs in a shoot list, as well as the autonomy to handle it on his own. He shot on two locations on separate days. The first shoot he handled on his own and did a stellar job. During the second shoot we joined forces on location and had amazing synergy as I art directed the shoot, while getting great input and perspective from Jiho. He was a delight for me and the client to work with.

Those of us in this business know that content tells the story and when your brand needs to be showcased by way of your culture and personality I highly recommend the talented Jiho Sohn for your project. I look forward to using him on many projects down the line, he just gives me the photography that makes my designs that much better.


Bob G.

Chief Arbiter of Good Design, Propr Design


Working with Jiho is a unique experience. He is an extremely engaged photographer and he works very hard to capture the most compelling images that a particular subject might provide. He doesn’t hold back, but he is also very particular, and the result is images with both quality and dynamism. His work ethic is impressive and his care in treating people never falters. In addition to shooting images of work going on in our studio, he has taken images of completed work both after and during installation. In all circumstances he has successfully engaged the people in the environment, making the process of shooting a difficult object in a busy place a special event rather than an imposition, and the results are visible in the quality of his work.

I would recommend Jiho for any project-his attention to the subject is just as careful when shooting a person, an inanimate object, even a pile of tools in a messy studio, and his kind-directness makes working with him so easy.


Malcom Majer

Principal and Lead Designer, Majer Metal Works


I hired Jiho Sohn to spend a day photographing my family. The objective was a combination of family shots and publicity photos. My wife and I are an author/illustrator pair who run a small creative business and publish books together. We needed new images for our media kit, website, book jackets, etc. We chose Jiho because we have long admired his combination of technical skill and artistic intuition.

Jiho has an eye for what matters in a photograph. His images have heart and compelling composition. His post-production skills are exceptional. He takes sound images and makes them sing with just the right amount of processing.

He has the right spirit for the job. Often the best shots happen in the moments when the subjects are disarmed, when the sense of being photographed is momentarily forgotten. Jiho sets people at ease, makes them laugh. He gets the best out of his subjects because he brings his best to the job.

I also appreciate Jiho’s energy and refusal to quit before the perfect shot is attained. He started at 8:00am and did not stop shooting until 6:30 that night, remaining focused and animated through a grueling series of shots. Given that his subjects included three small children and a Weimaraner, he did an amazing job of keeping them engaged, and himself energized.

Jiho Sohn is a craftsman and an artist. I feel privileged to have had a chance to have been photographed by him. I’ll treasure the photos he took of my family forever.

Photography + Video

Matthew Swanson

Co-Founder, Co-Owner, and Writer, Bobbledy Books

It was my very first time working with Jiho, and I was truly blessed to have had a chance to let him do our promotional video. Creativity was tops and the manner in which he understood our martial art and the ability to capture the essence of our marital art was very impressive. In the few hours in which he had spent with us he was able to immerse into our practice sessions and capture moments which I missed on a daily basis such as the personality of each student, the vibe of our studio, and the studio space itself came to life . His method of capturing it in camera and the way the editing was done was superb. I would like to, on behalf of US Hwa Rang Kwan Kumdo, to thank him for his professional work, and to have made this process not only smooth, but an honor.

Apart from the videos, the photographs which Jiho took for us is of valuable asset and will be used for our marketing purposes both in print and web at WashingtonKendo.com. All credits to you Jiho!

Thank you very very very very much!!

Photography + Video

Yong W.B.

사범님 (Master Instructor), Washington Kendo Club

What happens when you combine artistry with perfectionism? You get a “spot on” photographer with a keen eye for creative lighting and dramatic angles. At our daughter’s recent wedding, Jiho Sohn captured both keepsake moments and unbridled celebration with every shutter click. The result?…hundreds of pictures that are, not only edgy, but also fun and electric.

Be warned that Jiho is not your mother’s wedding photographer. If you hire him, you will lose out on some traditional poses, perfect smiles, and balanced backdrops. However, you will gain an inspired picture-memoir of your event that is stylized and compelling. You’ll get crisp and sharp images mixed with crafty swirls- shots with attitude in black and white as well as in vibrant color. You should also know that Jiho adds slick and spirited videos to the mix—just for fun.

Finally, take comfort in the level of effort, both time and energy, that Jiho devotes to his photography projects. He spent three days shooting our family and friends, starting with an off-site rehearsal dinner and culminating with the main event; through it all, he captured late night escapades, early morning primping, festive wedding rituals, and so much more. Using his innovative style, Jiho truly paid homage to our ordinary family during an extraordinary rite of passage. His pictures are genius and his friendship…Priceless!

Thanks for everything, Jiho!!

Photography + Video

Robyn A.

Mother of the bride

Jiho has the patience of Mother Theresa. Which was necessary for me, because my patience with technology and website development has much to be desired. Ha! During our conversations, Jiho calmly walked me through pros and cons of certain choices re: my website and explained everything thoroughly as far as how to navigate my WordPress site on my own. He is a consummate professional and great at what he does. His love for website design and development is evident. And he certainly went the extra mile to make me happy!


Neely Steinberg

Founder and Dating Coach, The LoveTREP

JihoNation has brought our web presence to another level. Our new website receives nothing but compliments. More importantly our preseason and early season bookings have more than doubled from any previous year. We had been trying to use the web to grow our business; with Jiho’s help we have now seen tangible results. Beyond the website, his help with our facebook, flickr, and youtube pages has turned them from an afterthought to a vibrant and vital part of our social media campaign. Thank you JihoNation for your expertise and encouragement.

Photography + Web

David Panu

President, Hidden Canyon Kayak, INC.

What an awesome photographer you are!!!! Never have I heard of a photographer hanging out past midnight every night for an entire weekend to take photos. Talk about commitment! Thank you, so much for your hard work and for being so much fun to be around! Can’t wait to see more photos!

Photography + Video

Lindsey S.

One of the bride's maids

I’ve worked with Jiho for several years, first at our previous “day job,” where we were colleagues. When I started the first of my own businesses a few years ago—Sprout Your Vision—I turned to Jiho for his help and expertise in setting up my website. I knew he had a keen eye and that he would be patient with me, a web noob (a term he taught me). While he didn’t agree with all of my initial ideas, he was patient and diplomatic at pointing out why some of my ideas were possibly not the “best” ideas, and he always gently pointed me in the right direction (and 99% of the time, he was right)! 🙂

Most recently, Jiho photographed a fundraising event I organized for the Global White Lion Protection Trust. His style was unobtrusive, and the photos turned out great–exactly what we needed to help raise awareness for the Global White Lion Trust that is working to save a nearly extinct species. He turned the work around quickly, and he was a true pleasure to work with.

Thanks, Jiho!


Beth E. D.

Founder, White Lion Journeys

Jiho is the BEST! In everything, from building my website to videotaping and photographing my fitness classes , his work has been consistently outstanding.

He is a seriously talented photographer. He is equally skilled at shooting portraits as he is with action shots and he’s done a great job of capturing the energy in my classes .His photography has been indispensable in helping me market and build my business.

Jiho’s creativity and a sharp eye for detail set him apart from other web designers. He was able to create my website exactly the way I envisioned it – straightforward, efficient and user friendly- without sacrificing style. His work is meticulous, never sloppy. And I really appreciate how he built the website to work flawlessly on any device – computer, phone or tablet. I know that when I’m working with Jiho all of my bases are covered.

Jiho loves what he does – it’s obvious when you look at his work and talk to his clients. He’s talented, knowledgeable and fantastic to work with. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Photography + Video + Web

Donavon I.

Founder, Body By Donavon


Working with Jiho… where to start?Jiho is a full-package experience if I could briefly describe what is working with him… Yes, you will not be working with a traditional (stiff) Photographer, but you’ll be getting tickets for a whole (Photo shoot) experience… really.

My family and myself followed his directions, which at some point they seemed odd but they shined through the viewfinder. Jiho was able to capture that “right” brief second on time; At some point it seemed that Jiho was in a rush, but later we understood the importance of capturing every second of the action and the results can be clearly seen on the final pieces.

Once again, thanks for the great moments (in time) you captured!


Jose A. C.

We love the work that Jiho has done for Copper Kitchen over the years. He is a talented photographer & artist who performs efficiently & professionally. Easy & comfortable to work with, Jiho has helped us in so many ways. From beautiful pictures for our company profile & portfolio to taking photographs for our on-site catered events, his work truly shines and reflects the appearance of our food & product. His technical skills are superior and his artistry is phenomenal. With ease & creativity, he also assisted in setting up our company blog and social media accounts. We truly have appreciated all his exquisite work.


Kevin M.

Executive Chef and Owner, Copper Kitchen

We love the website Jihionation created for us. Immediately it popped, noticed right away, clean and simplistic. Easy to navigate, quick to the point and exactly what we need. The project was slightly behind schedule, but it was definitely well worth the wait. With a single site that can be accessed on a desktop and iphone, how clever. Thank you very much. Not to mention we love the photographies! We look forward to working with JihoNation on future projects.

Photography + Website

Un K.

Owner, Papermoon Diner

Working with Jiho on creating a web site for my new business, Catherine Frank Editorial Services, LLC, was a fantastic experience. He’s a talented designer and a great listener – he captured the exact look and feel that I wanted for the site. And he made what could have been a stressful experience fun and easy. I highly recommend him!


Catherine F.

Owner, Catherine Frank Editorial Services, LLC

Working with Jiho was a great experience. I knew what I wanted to create with our website, but had no idea how to do it. Jiho listened to what I wanted to accomplish, came up with great ideas, patiently explained (and explained again!) the options, walked me through what information he needed from me, and then created a wonderful website. But that was not the end. Jiho has checked in to make sure I am still happy with everything (I am!), and to see if any changes need to be made. His knowledge and creativity make him a great web designer, and his patience and conscientiousness make him a wonderful person to work with!


Andrea S.

Founder, SoBoKids

My fiancé and I were looking for a photographer that would take full advantage of all that digital photography and social networking have to offer. We wanted a 21st-century wedding photography experience and Jiho delivered this with flying colors! We love our pictures and we were very impressed with how Jiho worked our event, blending in with the crowd on the one hand but getting all the great and important pictures on the other. We continue to get compliments from our guests on how friendly and professional Jiho was.


David L.

Jiho managed to not only photograph all these disparate parts, but also to capture the spirit of the event, which is a fantastic, high-energy party. His photographs are exquisite and original and demonstrate the depth of his technical expertise. In addition to his skills, Jiho is very accommodating and pleasant to work with. He provided numerous photos promptly in various formats as needed.


Jane S.

Executive Director, Federal Hill Main Street

Truly amazing work on the Fest-of-All Portfolio! The photos really capture the personality and energy of the evening – and everyone looks fantastic!


Jessica A.

Board Member, Fest-of-All


Jiho, you’ve done a fantastic job. We are very happy with both the design and the interface; it’s exactly what we were looking for!

YOU are a wildly, fantastically talented individual!!! LOVE the updates to the WORK Printing and Graphics site!

Working with Jiho on the new website for Work Printing and Graphics has been a pleasure. Jiho has every quality you would want in a programmer/designer; he is innovative and creative yet practical and meticulous. Moreover, he is incredibly patient! He took the time to evaluate our needs, made helpful suggestions and implemented our ideas. He understood that, for our business, function trumps form and he built our site accordingly. It’s rare to get the quality of service and attention to detail that seems to come so naturally to him; we would recommend him to anyone!


Debbie A. D.

Owner, Work Printing and Graphic

Jiho was super affordable, efficient, creative, and fun to work with – plus, the photos came out even better than I expected. Really, really beautiful work.


Erica A.

When I starting my own business, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find a web designer who would take the time to understand me and my vision. Jiho was easy to talk to and took the time necessary to fully understand what I had in mind. It didn’t take long for us to be on the same page. His knowledge and talented design coupled with his experience with what works was invaluable. It led to a design concept that not only captures exactly the picture I had in my mind, but has been successful in forwarding my vision with my clients. I’d highly recommend calling Jiho and buying him a cup of coffee. It will be well worth your time.

Photography + Web

Brendan O.

Principal, Cobblestone Wealth Management, LLC

Jiho did such a wonderful on our pictures. He was so patient with the moving targets (our 2 boys) and was able to capture their personalities and some beautiful family shots. We cannot wait to start decorating our walls with the pictures. Thank you Jiho.

Photography + Video

Audrey O.G.

Jiho’s photographies conveyed BODYbyDONAVON exactly as we envisioned. He stuck with us through the design process until every last detail was exactly as we wanted it. He consistently had new ideas and creative suggestions that ultimately led us to an awesome finished product! Jiho remained unfrazzled through dozens of stylistic changes and last minute edits. He was always readily available and responsive to all of our calls and emails. I can’t wait to see his future ideas unfold as we continue to expand! Thanks!!


Stormie I.

Partner, Body By Donavon

Jiho is a very talented photographer who captures such sweet moments with his camera. We love the pictures of my bridal shower! Thank you so much for capturing this special day : )

Photography + Video

Katie D.

Working with Jiho was very entertaining because he was giving me a lot of ideas and suggestions to how to make the photoshoot more interesting. I would definitely like to work with him again, whenever I get a chance. Thank you, Jiho.


Jisoo K.

Jiho, your work for us on the Gita for Peru benefit events this fall and winter has been truly extraordinary! Your joyful, open presence is such a blessing. Seeing your work, I am truly astounded. You captured the essence of our events with finesse, care, and the touch of one who truly *sees* the beauty in this life. You are amazing! My gratitude is deep. Blessings, brother!


Angela B.

Founder and Muscian, Angela Blueskies: Visionary Musician and Facilitator


Jiho, if we hit it big will you come on the road with us and be our official band photographer? 🙂 The photographs from that night are so special, and capture every bit of energy (and sweat!)! Every time I look at those pictures I want jump back behind the mic and relive the night. Thank you so much!!

Photography + Video

Jodi S.

Lead Vocials, Harmonica, Mister Wilson

The quality of Jiho’s work is absolutely superlative! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jiho on two separate occasions, in two contexts. He’s versatile, and makes the experience quite an enjoyable one! Thanks Jiho!

Photography + Video

Nathaniel P. S.

Founder, NPS Music

If I could put 10 stars, I would! You can’t imagine how much people are *still* enjoying the moments of the wedding (all 3 parties!) just because of your photos, Jiho! I really mean it. It’s because of all those moments you captured that we were able to ‘see’ all those beautiful faces and smiles that we would’ve missed in real time, and those moments will now never fade.

Photography + Video

Jolie L. F.

Jiho’s photography is amazing! He was asked by friend’s of mine to capture my surprise 30th birthday party and the result was truly special! His beautiful work reminds me often of that night. He caught intimate, special moments between me and my friends and family and several of the pictures are now framed in my home. Jiho also was so sweet, caring and warm to all of the guests at my party. (He also graciously help my friends and family set up the party!) I would highly recommend using Jiho’s talent to commemorate your special events! I plan on using him in the future too 🙂 Thank you Jiho!!!!


Alicia M.